Stephan´s Interview von in Englisch

1. What conclusions did you do from your previous fight with Victor?
It´s been a very close and tough fight for both of us. It made me realize that I there are many things I still have to work on. We knew that he was a good fighter and that´s what he showed in the Rage.

2. What can you say about Victor Nemkov? Can you name the mistakes he did in your last fight? Can you name yours?
Viktor seemed a little fatigue in the later rounds- it seems he couldn´t hold himself up against my strength anymore. I couldn´t get my game going at the start of the fight and my takedown defense let me down from time to time. I have been working a lot on defending the hip throws too and I want to fight more aggressive right from the first bell.

3. How do you prepare to the fight? How much time do you need to get ready for the 5-rounds fight?
Like I said before: I train every single part of martial arts.
Everybody at MMA Spirit is always in shape and I am no different. The intensity of my camp rises for around 7 weeks before the fight.

4. Do you keep any diet? Tell something about that, please.
I eat clean throughout the year and I am a chef and nutritionist, too. I lower my carbohydrate intake going into a fight. Please feel free to check one of my websites

5. What do you usually do just before the fight to get yourself ready? Maybe sleeping? Listening to your favorite music? Training?
I have a short training session around noon time on fightday. I try to relax when I arrive at the venue and listen to some music. My warm up starts around 45 minutes before the fight.

6. Is that important for you to feel fan’s support during the fight? Or maybe you can hear only your team in the corner?
I try to listen to my corner all the time- that´s what´s most important to me. I trust them 100% and I know they will guide me to victory if I do what they tell me. You don´t get to hear single voices from the audience- it´s more like the general atmosphere that gets a little bit through to you. The Russian crowd in St. Petersburg was very sportsmanlike and I really appreciate it. I am happy to return to Russia for this fight!

7. How do you like St. Petersburg? Did you have the opportunity to watch the city during your last visit?
I was able to see some parts of city, but unfortunately not too much and it´s been quite cold too. I hope to have a little bit more time in August as I really liked what I´ve seen so far.

8. Does your family supports your career? Or maybe they prefer you to become a cooker?)
My family fully supports my decision to have become a pro fighter- but it´s been a long way to get to that point. It´s not that easy for most people to understand why we do what we do. It took a while, but they got my back now.

9. Is there less or more pressure defending a title than challenging?
Nobody can put more pressure on me than I do- I am my biggest critic and I´d rather analyze my mistakes than to celebrate my victories. The objective is always the same: I want to win and I want to prove my worth in the Rage. Most people are scared to lose things they are said to “own”- I don´t view the belt as my own, it is rather a process, which I have to keep on working for. That´s what I love and that´s what I am prepared to do!

10. Any concerns fighting him again in his home country?
Not at all- my first experience in St. Petersburg and in Russia has been fantastic, the Russian fans and M-1 have treated me very kindly. The Russian audience is well educated when it comes to combat sports and that´s a great thing for any fighter- they appreciate a fighter´s effort- I can´t wait to return.

11. Style wise do you expect this fight to be different or the same? Why?
I think Viktor and I match up very well stylistically- the audience will surely be in for another thrilling encounter. We both don´t go backwards and love to put pressure on one another. I believe that we have improved in all areas and this fight should tell!

12. Prediction?
I don´t like to make any predictions for my fights, because nobody know what the future will hold for us; but I do believe that I can overcome Viktor once again and prevail. My sole focus lies on improving my skill set and to show the world what I am capable of doing in the Rage. I am still young and I hope to a have a long lasting and exciting martial arts future ahead of me.